AARDVARK is committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative integrated products and services possible. It is AARDVARK's objective to establish long term relationships with our clients and suppliers by always conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity, and dedication to our end users.

AARDVARK produces fully Integrated Systems of mission-specific modules and industry leading equipment designed to work together to accomplish our client's mission.

AARDVARK provides innovative integration and mission support services with top of market client service from a knowledgeable staff whose primary objective is ensuring the safety and operational effectiveness of our clients.


AARDVARK configures and integrates high quality products which consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our client. AARDVARK is committed to compliance with all legal and other requirements as well as the prevention of pollution, injury, and ill health. We accomplish this through our commitment to the continual improvement of our Integrated Management System conforming to the standards of ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Integrated To Date

Integrated by AARDVARK

Weight 24,082,726 lbs.

Products 4,319,705

Boxes/Containers 7,659

Modules 5,343

Destinations 1,094