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US Air Force Nonlethal Capability Sets

Project Summary

Client — US Air Force
Project — Phoenix Raven Security Forces Nonlethal Capability Sets
Destination — 51 Locations
Scope — 25,572 Items, 135 Containers, 161,880 lbs. of Equipment


Integrated to Aircraft Specifications

Includes AARDVARK Pantented Products

Configuration Design


The USAF Security Forces RAVEN teams sought to increase their nonlethal capability on both domestic bases as well as overseas transiting airfields facing security threats. To do so, they needed lightweight systems of personnel protective equipment and vehicle stopping devices, and less lethal weapons that could be loaded directly onto their aircraft for easy transport and deployment.


  • Provide nonlethal capability domestically and overseas
  • Integrate with current USAF aircraft cargo regulations
  • Maintain lightweight, easily deployable systems




Together with the USAF, AARDVARK developed Nonlethal Capability Sets consisting of ballistic and non-ballistic riot gear, TASER electric control devices, less lethal munitons, and a variety of other tactical equipment. The NLCS also included caltrops designed and patented by AARDVARK to provide vehicle stopping capability. AARDVARK was able to integrate the equipment into containers that complied with the 463L pallet system utilized by the USAF for aircraft cargo loading. With the ease of transportation, AARDVARK assisted the USAF in fielding 135 sets to 51 locations over the course of 7 years.

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