Primary Image for US Army Brigade Combat Team Nonlethal Capability Set

US Army Brigade Combat Team Nonlethal Capability Set

Project Summary

Client — US Army PM CCS/IED Defeat - Picatinny Aresenal, NJ
Project — Brigade Combat Team Nonlethal Capability Sets (BCT NLCS)
Destination — 108 Locations
Scope — 2,028,708 Items, 1090 Containers, 4,033,000 Lbs. of Equipment



Logistics Coordination

Serial Number Tracking

Packaging Design and Integration


The US Army needed updated Nonlethal Capability Sets (NLCS) fielded in the Middle East to Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) of about 3,000 soldiers.  The sets were required to contain enough equipment for the entire BCT to conduct five separate missions while keeping the smallest and lightest footprint possible due to the overseas shipping locations.


  • Small & Lightweight Footprint
  • House Equipment for 5 distinct missions
  • Field an entire BCT


Working with the Army's Program Manager, AARDVARK designed a 10 quadruple container configuration that was able to house all the gear necessary for the BCT to achieve their five missions: Roadside Checkpoint, Crowd Control/Detainee Ops, Convoy Ops, Dismounted Ops, and TASER ops. In addition to the equipment provided , AARDVARK supplied system training to the Army intructors, HAZMAT and shipping coordination, and serial number and UID tracking and submission. AARDVARK also provided technical support and warranty administration for the NLCS end users.

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