Primary Image for US Army Entry Control Point Modules

US Army Entry Control Point Modules

Project Summary

Client — US Army PM IED Defeat/PF
Project — Personnel Borne/Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device Entry Control Point (PB/VB IED ECP)
Destination — Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in Afghanistan
Scope — 217,254 Items, 1,082 Containers, 12,835,870 lbs. of Equipment


Procurement and Integration 

Logistics Coodination

Serial Number/UID Tracking

GFE Management


Repeated attacks using personnel borne and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (IED) led the US Army to seek ways to harden the entry control points (ECP) of their forward operating bases (FOB) in Afghanistan. They needed to design a variety of security systems that could be installed by the Army Corps of Engineers at every FOB to facilitate search and arrest of possible threats.


  • Personnel and vechicle search capability 
  • Easily deplyment at every FOB
  • Arresting systems for threats 


With direction from the US Army, AARDVARK designed and integrated the ECP systems consisting of 4 specific modules. The modules contained road barriers, vehicle arresting systems, armored guard posts, personnel and vehicle search equipment, translation and hailing gear, and pedestrian security systems. As part of the award to develop and field the ECP systems, AARDVARK was also tasked with procurement, vendor coordination, GFE management, production scheduling, logistics coordination, serial number and UID tracking, and document retention for the systems.

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