Primary Image for US Marine Corps EoF MM Tear Down and Evaluate Refurbishment

US Marine Corps EoF MM Tear Down and Evaluate Refurbishment

Project Summary

Client — US Marine Corps Logistics Management/SECREPS
Project — USMC EoF MM TD&E Refurb
Destination — Albany, GA
Scope — Refurbishment of 12 EoF MM Sets, 48 Containers


Iteration Control


Repair/Warranty Administration

Logistics Coordination


When the US Marine Corps needed to acquire more Escalation of Force Mission modules amidst budget constraints, they decided to refurb their existing sets back to full capability, ready-for-issue sets.  However, this presented the complex task of tearing down each module and assessing indiviual components to determine the need for repair or replacement.  In addition to the time that the tear down and evaluation would take to perform, the USMC was also looking at the logistical hurdles of coordinating replacement items from several manufacturers and their reintegration into the sets.


  • Tear down and Evaluation of indivual components
  • Determination of serviceability
  • Repair and replacement directly with manufacturers


As the original integrator of the EoF MM, AARDVARK was awarded a contract from the USMC to refurb the modules.  After receipt of the sets, AARDVARK went through each one and conducted a meticulous inventory and assessment of the equipment.  By breaking down the components, charging and testing the equipment, cleaning gear to assess its condition, and inspecting the packaging and markings, AARVARK was able to evaluate the function and serviceablitlity of each item and make determinations on whether to repair or replace the components.  After assessment, AARDVARK provided the USMC with a complete list of gear and pricing that was needed to repackage and reintegrate the modules back to full mission capability.      

In addition to procuring the replacement items, AARDVARK performed all repair transactions with the manufacturers to ensure that the components were warrantied when complete.  By repairing, refurbing, and replacing the necessary components, AARDVARK was able to ship all 12 EoF MM, reintegrated into the original 48 containers, back to the USMC in full compliance with current USMC specifications.

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