Primary Image for US Marine Corps Escalation of Force Mission Modules

US Marine Corps Escalation of Force Mission Modules

Project Summary

Client — US Marine Corps MARCORSYSCOM
Project — Escalation of Force Mission Modules (EoF MM)
Destination — 11 Locations
Scope — 99,599 Items, 236 Containers, 844,760 lbs. of Equipment


Configuration Design

Iteration Control

Serial Number/UID Tracking

Warranty Administration


Facing the rapidly changing scope of their mission overseas, the US Marine Corps sought to minimize friendly and civilian casualties by modifying their Force Protection Capability Sets (FPCS). The modifications needed to incorporate multifunctional nonlethal systems and escalation of force equipment into the predefined configuration.


  • Redesign existing sets to incorporate new capabilities
  • Integrate 9 mission specific capabilities into 4 containers





AARDVARK assisted the USMC in the new design of the Escalation of Force Mission Modules, which consisted of four quadruple containers featuring nine specific capabilities: Vehicle Check Point/Entry Control Point (VCP/ECP), Secure Perimeter, Establish Perimeter, Urban Patrolling, Convoy Security, Clear Facilities, Crowd Control, Detain Personnel, and Training. AARDVARK was also tasked with several service requirements including vendor management, custom packaging and labeling, Hazardous Material and shipping coordination, serial number and UID tracking, end user technical support, and warranty administration.

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