Primary Image for Veteran's Affairs Active Shooter Response Modules

Veteran's Affairs Active Shooter Response Modules

Project Summary

Client — Department of Veteran's Affairs
Project — Active Shooter Response Module
Destination — Verteran's Affairs Medical Center - Martinsburg, WV
Scope — 230 Individual Items in 10 Sets


Custom Packaging and Labeling

Product Selection


With the increasing threat of active shooters domestically, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) wanted to supply their medical centers with emergency response modules. Their goal was to improve preparedness by strategically placing sets of protective gear, medical aid, and other tactical equipment that could equip three on-scene responders until reinforcements arrived.


Rapid Deployment

First Response Preparedness




AARDVARK was contracted by the VA to integrate the gear together into a single black tactical duffle bag for quick deployment during an event. The modules contain ballistic vests and shields for protection against potential shooters, emergency medical aid for gunshot wounds, color-coded door markings to triage the potential victims inside, as well as a wedging system to secure doors. In additon to the integration, AARDVARK was also responsible for the custom packing and labeling of the bags as well as documentation and recordkeeping requirements.

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