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Registration for General Admission is still open
If your team is interested in being placed on our wait list,
please contact LISA HUGHES at
lhughes@aardvarktactical.com or 909-451-6172.

This year's AARTAC competition will consist of 4 courses designed to test each team's fitness, marksmanship, and teamwork. Each course will have its own Champion, and the individual course scores will then be added together to create an overall score. The team with the best overall score will be the AARTAC2017 GRAND CHAMPION!
Competition will be limited to 32 teams. Each team must be comprised of 4 members who will compete in all 4 events. Agencies may submit more than one team into the Tactical Team Competition. Once the team is finalized and has competed in their first event, members cannot be changed. However, AARDVARK reserves the right to allow substitutions in case of injury or unusual circumstances in the interest of fairness.
The Tactical Team Competition is open exclusively to active duty sworn law enforcement and military tactical operators. More details will be released as AARTAC approaches, and final details of each course's stages will be given to each team competing on the day of the event.
The 4 events for this year's Tactical Team Competition are the Team Combat Course, Team Tactical Carbine Course, Individual Handgun Course, and Team O-Course Relay Race. Detailed information for each event is listed below:
Action shot of officer shooting target
TEAM COMBAT COURSE – Designed to test four key components – fitness, agility, shooting, and teamwork – this course targets the specific skills of tactical teams. Teams must be comprised of four members: a sniper and three entry team members. Teams will compete in full gear and will need to utilize a sniper rifle and two carbines.
TEAM TACTICAL CARBINE COURSE – Designed to test individual and team rifle marksmanship in a close quarter battle (entry) environment, while engaging multiple targets at numerous locations through and around barriers. Full tactical gear will be worn for this competition. The carbine used for this course must be your agency's approved duty weapon and ammunition must be provided by the agency or shooter.
INDIVIDUAL HANDGUN COURSE – Designed to test individual pistol marksmanship while engaging multiple targets at numerous locations through and around barriers on two different courses. Team members will compete individually, and each course will be timed for the combined overall numbers for a team total. Individuals will compete in full gear, and the pistol used must be your agency’s approved duty weapon. Ammunition must be provided by the agency or shooter.
TEAM O-COURSE RELAY RACE – Designed to test three key components – fitness, agility, and strength – using skills commonly required of tactical teams in action. Teams may compete in workout (PT) gear; tactical uniform is allowed but not required. This is a head-to-head team relay against another team in which each of the 4 team members will be required to climb, balance, lift, and run throughout the course, one at a time. The team time will start when the first team member crosses the start line and stop when the last team member crosses the finish line.
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