0450 Tool Case Black

Brand: Pelican

The 0450 Mobile Tool Chest is a durable and versatile carrying case for various sized tools. The heavy duty buttress hinges and the hybrid double throw butterfly latches ensure the tools stay safely inside. There are 2 way handles on either side, as well as a trolley handle & wheel system that makes transportation easy and quick. The open cell core with a solid wall design keeps the chest strong and the O-ring seal keeps a watertight seal around it. When paired with the optional drawers, the Mobile Tool Chest provides a safe place for a large amount of tools. For ultimate storage capacity, the chest features 3 unsealed pockets for smaller items, 2 extra internal compartments, and an easily accessible area beneath the top lid that measures at 20.6"L x 10.64"W x 3.00"D (52.3 cm x 27.0 cm x 7.6 cm).The Dual Automatic Pressure Equalization Valves are able to normalize pressure inside and outside the case to make it easier to open in case of altitude changes. When opened, the graduated deflector ribs stop the lid at 180

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