ATHENA Trunk Locker/Shield


The ATHENA Truck Locker/Shield is designed to secure a rifle and other equipment in a vehicle's trunk or other government location, while featuring a deployable Ballistic Shield Lid. During deployment of the locker contents, the user then has immediataccess to ballistic protection.

The Truck Locker features a full length tongue and groove rear hinge assembly along with a key lock or optional 3 digit rotary combination lock for maximum security. Additional features include side ventilation holes and spring loaded/collapsible rubber padded carry handles.

The ATHENA Truck Locker/Shield is available in two sizes:

  • Trunk #1 - 36.25"W x 16" D x 7.187"H, 36 pounds
  • Trunk #2 - 36.25"W x 16" D x 12"H, 49 pounds

The Ballistic Shield Lid is designed to quickly deploy, and has  been tested against either NIJ Level III or NIJ Level IIIA rounds as well as special threat rounds. The Ballistic Shield Lid is made of an aramid composite and has a .125" aluminum outer skin, and weighs roughly 14 lbs. Features include a nylon webbing with rubber grip handle, and forearm pad with elastic strap. The Ballistic Shield Lid is 36.25"L x 16"W.

Part No. AARD-10126

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