Breaching Sledge

Brand: Blackhawk!

The Dynamic Entry® Breaching Sledge? combines the strike face of a sledge hammer with the prying wedge of a Hallagan Tool in a more compact and balanced package. This newly designed sledge features a more compact breaching head for improved maneuverability and counter-angled friction ridges for added stability during breaching. The micro-metal composition for added strength and reduced spalling when struck by another Breaching Sledge. For added security and grip, it features a sure-grip handle system reduces the chance of slippage during operations and friction ridges on the wedge for added grip and stability during breaching. The electrically nonconductive fiberglass handle is resistant to 100,000 volts AC.

Available in a black color. It weighs approximately 8 lbs. and measures at 22" long.

Part No. BHDE-BS

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