Broco Diamond Ripper Quickie Saw Blade

Brand: Broco, Inc.

The Broco Diamond Ripper® Rescue Blades are high performance blade for efficient cutting through various materials during breaching and rescue operations. The blade is able to cut through steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, poly-carbonate and various other tough materials, while still remaining lightweight and providing more control with less gyroscopic effect. Compared to other heavy tungsten carbide edged blades, the Diamond Ripper blades provide a more cost-effective and durable solution.

Diamond Ripper blades come in a variety of sizes/types, but all feature a double layer diamond cutting edge in a nickel matrix, long blade life that resists erosion and provides superior wear resistance, and smooth performance to reduce fatigue. In particular, the 12" and 14" blades have a solid core with an electroplated facing that protects the core, reduces heat, and prevents binding.

The rescue blades are intended for use on gasoline engine powered saws that have 1" or 20mm diameter arbors. Standard blade diameters are 14" (5460 RPM rating), 12" (6300 RPM rating), and 16" (4725 RPM rating). Mini Ripper blades are also available for use with electric grinders to attack chains, locks, door bolts and more. They feature the same type vacuum brazed diamond edge as the Diamond Ripper. Maximum RPM is 13,300.

Part No. BRO-BRO-DRS-12

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