Broco Door Blower

Brand: Broco, Inc.

The Broco Door Blower Forced Entry System is a powerful hydraulic/pneumatic door opener and jamb spreader for forced entry to be used by first responders and tactical teams. It consists of a hydraulic jamb spreader supporting a steel-reinforced high pressure bag that fills with compressed air from a small cylinder that powers the dynamic component. The Door Blower uses 10 tons of force to easily a door on either the lock or hinge side and eliminates overpressure concerns when used in apartment hallways and confined spaces, which reduces liability and approval issues when compared to explosive entries. During operation it is virtually silent until the door/lock/jamb breaks

To operate the Door Blower, an operator must hold the device against the door on the lock side, while another operator uses the manual hydraulic pump to secure the device in place. The jamb spreader will expand to support itself, while the second operator pumps until the tool secures to the door frame, all in a matter of seconds. Once the entry team is in position, the second operator cracks open the air cylinder valve (1/4 turn), which causes the bag to inflate until the door bursts inward. Hydraulic pressure is then released and the Door Blower is cleared to allow entry.

Made in the U.S.A. The system includes a welded steel Blower hydraulic frame, high pressure expansion bag, lightweight aluminum hydraulic pump, compact compressed air cylinder with valve with integral gauge (can read pressure with valve in the closed position), regulator with hand-tighten CGA-346 air fitting, hoses, quick connect fitting on air hose at regulator, no-spill quick connect fitting on hydraulic hose at pump, case, and accessories. The Door Blower is intended for inward opening doors only.


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