CF-3 Hydraulic Crows Foot Spreader

Brand: Broco, Inc.

The Broco CF-3 (Crow's Foot) Hydraulic Spreader Entry Tool Set is a complete assembly of powerful tools, which includes the powerful CF-3, for safe and effective forced entry. It can open all types of inward or outward opening doors and can distort/destroy security gates and window bars. The CF-3 features a fast opening spreader ram travels up to 5" with 5 tons of hydraulic power. The hydraulic pump body is made of a lightweight aluminum and 2 sets of hose with quick disconnects and a coupler for easier carrying and more compact storage. The unique 90° hose swivel enables it to be utilized in all positions. The 10' long hose itself provides extra reach standoff, while the coupler prevents hose kinking.

The CF-3 is machined from hardened billet steel, which makes it stronger and more reliable than forged alternatives. It uses standard lightweight hydraulic fluid and common size/type no-spill connectors. There are replacement claw parts available to increase the overall life of the tool and is easily user serviceable if necessary. 


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