Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool

Brand: Blackhawk!

The Dynamic Entry® Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool? is a compact collapsible tool designed for close-quarter operations and is easily transportable. It features a horn for stubborn prying chores and a counter-angled friction ridges for tool stability and slippage prevention. This tool is has an epoxied fiberglass core surrounded by 2 interlocking stainless steel shafts and a dual-locking mechanism that secures the shafts when extended. By extending the shafts, the operator is given more strike power, pry leverage, and breaching force. For added security, the handgrip helps keep the tool secure during extreme weather conditions, as well as protecting the locking mechanism from dirt and debris.

Available in a black color. It weighs approximately 7.7 lbs. and measures at 16.75" (collapsed) or 24.5" (extended) long.


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