DEHP - TCI's Digital Electronic Hearing Protection

Brand: TCI

The DEHP (Digital Electronic Hearing Protection) is a state of the art digital hearing protection device that is the choice of tactical operators, trainers, range masters, and law enforcement due to the quality and wide array of features. Advanced radio frequency (RF) shielding and filtering help avoid potential cross-talk or compromised performance from RF or EM interference and features 5 volume settings with memory. The headset is able to operate up to 600 hours on 2 standard AAA batteries (included) for optimal durability. It also has an upgraded battery compartment and lanyard for the battery cap and a warning system if battery life falls below 40 hours with automatic shut-off. For ultimate protection, the headset has dual-layers of waterproofing inside the ear cups. The headset has ear cups with a low-profile design, compatible with various tactical helmet types, ball caps and range caps to ensure proper weapon positioning and comfort.

The Digital Threat Compression Technology (DTCT) and REV6 processor is able to safely reduce hazardous sounds approximately 82 dB without dampening all the sounds in the environment. Also, the Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement (DSAE) allows the operator to localize environmental sounds, even when receiving incoming communications and with hearing protection enabled. These combined technologies provide 360° of incredible ambient sound reproduction and acoustical situational awareness, which help in threat identification and replicating natural hearing while simultaneously providing automatic hearing protection. The dual external microphones actively process ambient sounds and provide 360° of sound localization to produce a Noise Rate Reduction (NRR) of 21 (up to 29dB) to protect against harmful static-state and impulse sounds.

Ear cups are available in a Black or OD Green finish. The DEHP can be easily upgraded to the Liberator II and III tactical communication headset for an additional cost. Available in 2 distinct suspension system styles: Behind the Head (BTH), which is highly adjustable and is the preferred style to use with a ballistic helmet due to its excellent stability during maneuvers; Over the Head (OTH), which is recommended for use without a ballistic helmet.

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