Direct Impact 40 mm Sponge Round

Brand: Defense Technology

The 40mm Direct Impact® Crushable Foam Round is the perfect munitions for incapacitating a single subject or for controlling a crowd. The plastic body with a crushable orange foam nose containing a powder payload makes for a lightweight, high speed projectile. This munition is a point-of-aim, point-of-impact direct fire round that has passed extensive human effects assessments for blunt impact and penetration, most commonly used by tactical teams where greater accuracy and deliverable energy is needed for incapacitation of a non-compliant subject at longer distances. When it is loaded with agent, it combines blunt trauma with the effects of an irritant, which maximizes the potential for incapacitation.

This round travels at an average velocity of 295 feet per second (89.9 mps with an effective range of 5 ft. - 120 ft. (1.52m 0 36.6m)). Defense Technology® Direct Impact® munitions are produced in an ISO rated manufacturing facility.

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