DK7 Faceshields

Brand: Paulson

The DK7 Faceshields provide unparalleled fit and function with ACH, MICH, and PASGT style Military helmets and can be used for a variety of operational situations. The Lexan polycarbonate shield measures at 6" long and 0.250" thick and provides protection against impact, splash, and fragments.

The shield is able to lock into the stowed or deployed position securely, but can still be easily released with one hand. For customization, the pivot and lock assembly can be transferred to either the right or the left of the shield depending on preference.

Every faceshield is certified to NIJ 0104.02, meets MIL-V-43511C, and is V-50 Rated for "frag" impact. Faceshield weighs approximately 1.9 lbs.

Part No. PMDK7-X.250AF

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