FAV Advanced Webless System Vest

Brand: PROTECH Tactical

The FAV® Advanced Webless System (AWS) Vest is a highly configurable and lightweight carrier designed for high-risk tactical operations. It is comprised of a Honeywell Spectra® Composite material that is 33% lighter than traditional modular webbing platforms, as well as having a high break strength that is over 15% stronger than standard 1000-Denier Nylon. For complete protection, the vest also boasts a high slit/tear strength, increased puncture resistance and overall resistance to flex fatigue.

The Front and back ballistic panel pockets hold 8 x 10" or 10 x 12" plates and the side ballistic panel pockets hold 6 x 6" plates, with an option to attach removable NIJ Type IIIA ballistic panels and collar, throat, groin, and bicep protection. The Internal and external cummerbunds offer a secure fit and upper and lower adjustability accommodate a wide range of sizes. Included detachable weapon pads secure butt of rifle and cheek weld and detachable D rings for weapon slings and other accessories. In case of emergency, the vest features a low-profile drag strap and is hydration compatible.

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