IZLID 200P Weapon Kit

Brand: B.E. Meyers

The IZLID 200P is a compact and lightweight IR laser for pointing and marking by military forces in even the most extreme environmental conditions. The compact design is small enough to fit in the user's pocket, but the powerful 195 mW beam has a range of over 39 km, making it ideal as a command pointer, for target marking, and for communication with aircraft. With a simple adjustment, the laser turns into an IR illuminator for rapid identification with NVG's or IR sensors.

The compact design makes it perfect for an M4, M16, M2, .50 caliber HBMG or Minigun, as well as for use on aircraft-mounted weapons and for pilots to easily point out or illuminate ground targets from the cockpit. It can also be ideal for all crew served weapon and individual rifle applications.

The 200P can be powered by a 12V DC, 3.3V DC, AA, or CR123 batteries. It measures approximately 6.15" x 1.7" x 1.8".

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