Liberator II Tactical Headset

Brand: TCI

The Liberator II® is a rugged single communications tactical headset system with digital hearing protection. This tough and durable headset combines exceptional communication capabilities, hearing protection, and meets strict military durability standards. By using the Electronic Hearing Protection System, the Liberator is able to utilize 2 distinct technologies for the ultimate in hearing protection.

First, the Digital Threat Compression Technology (DTCT) and REV6 processor is able to safely reduce hazardous sounds approximately 82 dB without dampening all the sounds in the environment. Secondly, the Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement (DSAE) allows the operator to localize environmental sounds, even when receiving incoming communications and with hearing protection enabled. These combined technologies provide 360&deg of incredible ambient sound reproduction and acoustical situational awareness, which help in threat identification and replicating natural hearing while simultaneously providing automatic hearing protection.

The headset is compatible with various MICH, ACH-Warrior, and most popular styles of helmets. It is also compatible with an O2 mask or gas mask when the option is ordered as an add-on.

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