LMT Tactical Launcher

Brand: Defense Technology

The LMT® Tactical Single Shot Launchers are a lightweight, low cost tactical single shot launcher available in 2 models: 40 mm and 37 mm. They feature an expandable ROGERS Super Stoc and an adjustable Integrated Front Grip (IFG) with light rail. The Picatinny Rail Mounting System with a bead sight will accept a wide array of enhanced optics/sighting systems for added customizability.

Due to the ambidextrous Lateral Sling Mount (LSM) and QD mounting system, the launchers are able to accommodate both a single and a 2 point sling attachment with breach release. Both launchers boast a 14" barrel and feature a double action S & W trigger group.

The 37LMTS will fire standard 37/38mm less lethal ammunition, up to 8 inches in cartridge length. The 40LMTS will fire standard 40mm less lethal ammunition, up to 4.8 inches in cartridge length. The launcher weighs approximately 3.5 lbs.

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