LOKI 1.0 Discover Edition


Designed for night or day use missions, the LOKI system is comprised of LOKI (drone), TANGO (video remote control) and REKO (team leader dual screen monitor).

LOKI was designed to be used anytime and anywhere due in part to its Night-Day + IR sensor camera, allowing it the ability to fly in complete darkness. LOKI does not require a GPS signal to function, nor does it use sensors, making it impervious to temperature drift.

LOKI is for use in close quarter, indoor missions, and with its compact, thin profile LOKI is able to fly through the smallest of openings. The unit relays the video feed to both the TANGO and REKO and does NOT have onboard data saving capabilities. This is especially important in case, for any reason, LOKI is either lost or destroyed while on deployment; there is no risk of critical information being compromised.

Part No. SH-ST-0000

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