LRAD 100X Portable Hailing System

Brand: LRAD

The Model 100X Portable Hailing System is a self-contained, hand-held, portable communications device for use in on-scene and tactical communications. It has the capability to be 20 ? 30 dB louder than legacy bullhorns and vehicle-based P.A. systems, while still being 4x- 6x louder and more intelligible than products with a comparable size and weight. Weighing at only 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) with battery, accessories, and cables, the easy portability of the 100X can safely communicate beyond standoff distances to determine intent.The highly intelligible voice messages over distances up to 600 meters; max range of 250 meters over 88 dB of background noise and 137dB SPL @ 1 meter, A-weighted maximum continuous output.

Taking advantage of its focused, directional sound pattern, optimized driver and waveguide technology, the 100X can penetrate buildings and vehicles to ensure communications are heard and understood. The warning tone provides a safer alternative to non-lethal measures and safely modifies behavior while creating additional time to scale the escalation of force if necessary.With an 8-hour rechargeable battery, optional power sources and water-resistant casing, the 100X creates an instant acoustic standoff perimeter, even through wind, engines, sirens, and noisy crowds. The 100X is easily operable with gloves or MOPP gear using the simple user interface.

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