LRAD 300X Low Profile Communication Device

Brand: LRAD

The Model 300X-RE Low Profile Communication Device is low profile, lightweight and designed to secure on a tripod mount configuration, small vessels, vehicles and remote weapon stations (RWS), as well as being used throughout the world for defense, security and law enforcement applications. By being easily transported, the 300X-RE is able to broadcast clear and effective messages over great distances. Additionally, the included MP3 control module and microphone allows the operator to broadcast pre-recorded messages easily downloaded via USB, as well as immediate playback of recorded messages. By using a variable beam width, the 300X-RE creates an instant acoustic fence using clear, long range, directional communication, which gives a single operator greater coverage. The highly intelligible voice messages over distances up to 1,000 meters; max range of 350 meters over 88 dB of background noise.

The operator is able to issue authoritative voice commands and powerful deterrent tones to safely alter behavior and enhance response capabilities. The 300X-RE features rugged military tested construction, making it an all-weather and low power communication device that provides a safer alternative to non-lethal deterrent options.

Weighing in at only 25 lbs. (11.34kg), the 300X is easily scalable and portable.

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