LRAD RX Remote Operated Pan Tilt System

Brand: LRAD

The Model 1000RX Remote Operated Pan Tilt System is a remotely controlled long range communications device that enables a remote operator to safely and effectively respond to potential threats. All functions operate through a secure TCP/IP connection, making it ideal for integrated applications ranging from maritime vessels to coastal, border and port security solutions. The LRAD 1000RX features high-tech and an intuitive software interface to give security personnel more time to assess a situation and properly escalate the use of force if necessary.

The LRAD controller software employs a point and click interface that allows the operator to simply click on a target and the RX will center its acoustic broadcast onto the target or use a USB joystick (not included) to control motion. An integrated camera enables the operator to visually identify a potential threat on the live video feed, which can be coupled with a high-intensity searchlight (optional) for maximum visibility. Using its 153dB SPL @ 1 meter, A-weighted maximum continuous output, the RX can remotely deliver a message or deterrent tone from the safety of a command and control center. The highly intelligible voice messages over distances up to 3,000 meters, with a max range of 1,250 meters over 88 dB of background noise. By taking full advantage of its IP-addressable full pan and tilt drive, the LRAD can be integrated with radar to provide automated intruder alerts and precision aiming and tracking.

The RX is a safer alternative to non-lethal deterrent measures that increases security coverage, operational efficiency, and response capabilities. With its low power requirements, fixed infrastructure, all-weather use, and multitude of functions, the LRAD provides a highly effective and cost efficient remote response security system.

Part No. LR-LRAD-1000RX-AC-GRY-01

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