MAST Version-2 90 Degree Low-Loss RF Adapter

Brand: TCI

The M.A.S.T.? is a Modular Antenna System - Tactical (M.A.S.T.) that allows tactical operators to relocate and remote their radio antennas in order to improve the line of sight (LOS) communications by up to 40%, reduce potential interference, and decrease visual obstructions caused by radio antennas, all through the use of custom designed cables that are electronically matched to the specific frequency and impedance requirements of tactical radios. A universal antenna harness mount attaches to any modular webbing system with the use of the included Malice Clip that secures the antenna properly to prevent any accidental repositioning during maneuvers. Factory black plated connectors prevent unwanted shine or reflections during operations. The durable construction is built to withstand the harshest operational environments for a long life and high reliability.


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