Patrol II Single Or Dual Comm Headset System

Brand: TCI

The Patrol II? & Patrol II? Dual Comm are lightweight and well vented tactical headsets designed for close quarter battle, prolonged tactical missions, or military patrol activities. The uniquely designed boom microphone is mounted in a position that allows the user to wear the headset under electronic hearing protection without the loss of sound attenuation. Due to its lightweight design and vented earcups, the headset maintains peripheral hearing and receives airflow while worn.

The Single Comm version is a one-sided earcup with single communications capability. The Dual Comm features a dual earcup system that provides separation of radios in each of the earcups. This makes the reception and comprehension of the incoming communications from 2 radios easier for the operator.

Available in a single or dual communications option and provides passive hearing protection when used with Sound-Attenuation Covers. The headset is compatible with various MICH, ACH-Warrior, and most popular styles of helmets. It is also compatible with an O2 mask or gas mask when the option is ordered as an add-on.

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