TABC III Tactical Bone Conduction Headset

Brand: TCI

The TABC III? & TABC III? Dual Comm are Tactical Assault Bone Conduction (TABC) binaural headsets with dual bone conduction transducers. This technology provides excellent perception of natural sound without impairing peripheral hearing or affecting situational awareness, all in a durable and comfortable headset package.

The proprietary Dynamic Audio Resonance System (DARS) is able to provide pristine audio fidelity directly to the cochlea through the mandible (jaw) bone using mass bone vibration. This allows the duo to bypass the eardrum and be picked up directly by the auditory nerve, which could be beneficial to those suffering from a form of hearing loss.

Available in a single or dual communications option, but is not intended for hearing protection. The headset is compatible with various MICH, ACH-Warrior, and most popular styles of helmets. It is also compatible with an O2 mask or gas mask when the option is ordered as an add-on.

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