TACK 1 Tactical Assault Communication Headset With PTT

Brand: TCI

The TACK-1? and TACK-2? are Tactical Assault Communication (TACK) headsets that are low-profile and lightweight, making them ideal for tactical teams, defense and security forces, and Sniper and Bike Patrol applications. The non-obtrusive design allows them to worn with an array of tactical helmets, bicycle helmets, or practically any hat, balaclava, or cap.

TACK-1? features a pivoting left speaker with foam cover. TACK-2? features a TACT-LITE Earmold (M, L, and XL) that allows in-ear monitoring of audio from a radio.

The headset is compatible with various MICH, ACH-Warrior, and most popular styles of helmets. It is also compatible with an O2 mask or gas mask when the option is ordered as an add-on.

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