TACT-LITE Earpiece System With Threaded 3.5 MM (1/8") Connection

Brand: TCI

The TACT-LITE is a high-quality single communications earpiece that is typically used in conjunction with Remote Speaker Microphones to deliver excellent performance. It is designed to provide discrete monitoring of radio traffic and to enhance communications capability, operational safety of the user and minimize the chances of critical communications being missed due to background noise or other distractions.

Once the system is connected, an external speaker microphone is muted and high-quality audio is transmitted directly into the ear canal via the TACT-LITE earmold or a Sound Attenuation Ear Insert (NRR 21), which also provides hearing protection. The earpiece is attached to the user using a rotating clothing clip.

Earcoil options offered are a Soundwaves / FC R3 earcoil or a PRO-Series clear/coiled acoustical tube, both of which can be paired with the operator?s choice of earpiece types. Available in various connection types to work with many different communication devices.

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