Tactical Throat Microphone Headset Set

Brand: TCI

The TTMK III? (Tactical Throat Microphone) is a state of the art single or dual communications tactical headset that was designed primarily for direct action, entry team applications, HAAZMAT/WMD, and military free-fall applications. The headset uses a durable throat microphone with superb speech intelligibility and audio reception from the Soundwaves/FC Earcoil and the earpiece that the user chooses.

Due to the high quality construction, the TTMK uses solid signal processing and excellent throat microphone transducers to provide clear and unobstructed sound, even during high noise situations or while used in conjunction with a gas mask or oxygen mask.

The SAS II? is compatible with various MICH, ACH-Warrior, and most popular styles of helmets. It is also compatible with an O2 mask or gas mask without the need for additional adaptation or customization.

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