TASER Rack With Bifold Doors

Brand: DASCO

The Taser Rackwith bifold doors is a large and secure storing option that secures up to 80 or 112 Tasers. It features bifold doors that are 16 gauge with full piano style hinge for secure opening and closing. The 7 point locking mechanism and 14 gauge component back panel provide additional security. Each unit can be secured in a number of ways: to the wall and floor, side to side, back to back, and/or stacked for complete flexibility. The built-in carry handles make it easier to move and readjust the units as needed. Also, the floor levels are easily adjustable using the ratchet attachments. The powder coat paint finish gives it a solid and polished look.

Units comes fully assembled with 10 x 8, or 14 x 8 capacity Taser pacs, which are configurable to X26, X2, and X3.

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