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LOKI 2.0

LOKI is the world’s first purpose built tactical sUAS.  Designed and built in conjunction with several of the worlds top counter terror units, LOKI 2.0 solves virtually all of the problems associated with the tactical use of commercial UAS systems.  LOKI is intended for close quarter, indoor and outdoor tactical scouting missions, and features a highly sensitive Night-Day + IR sensor camera giving it the ability to fly and see in complete darkness. LOKI KEY FEATURES: Purpose built flight controller that does not require internet service, GPS, or a phone or tablet for usage, but can control up to four devices simultaneously Integrated flight stability allowing for virtually anyone to fly LOKI... more >>

KBT Kinetic Breaching Tool

The new Kinetic Breaching Tool from Kinetic Breaching Technology is a revolutionary new mechanical breaching tool that bridges the gap between traditional mechanical breaching, shotgun breaching, and explosive entry. The KBT utilizes a proprietary .45 Caliber handgun blank to deliver up to 850 ft/lb of force through a hardened steel ram. Unlike explosive or shotgun breaching, however, all of the force is mechanically driven through a ram. This means that no projectile or explosive energy leaves the device except for the force of the ram which is permanently captured in the device. The ramming surface is narrow enough to focus on a single hinge, yet powerful enough to breach steel security doors. The KBT has an... more >>


ANAFI Thermal SE is a thermal imaging drone which is easy to use, lightweight and powerful. The drone’s unique imaging capabilities enable you to take immediate action or analyze recorded photos and videos with unprecedented details. Designed to profoundly revolutionize the way many industries and trades operate, it offers professionals a complete solution that adapts perfectly to their requirements and needs. In this day and age of hightened cyber securtiy awareness, the ANAFI THERMAL SE transmits images and commands in real time via a secure wireless signal. The ANAFI THERMAL SE does not save/download any mission related data onboard; this is especially important in the event of a crash or interception.... more >>

Project 7 Tactical Entry Vest

Project 7 Tactical Armor is a revolutionary collaboration between AARDVARK and The Safariland Group. Everything about Project 7 was selected to make the final product more flexible, more athletic, lightweight, and more comfortable. Project 7 is made with only the industry's finest materials and components. The Project 7 Tactical Entry Vest features a unique flexible external yoke design, combined with special built upper arm protection. This provides an unprecedented range of motion and flexibility. Available in two closure systems: First Spear Tubes, or Safariland's patent pending One Way Velcro. Project 7 also features a flexible cummerbund design with a unique quick adjust sizing system. Available in a variety... more >>

Avatar III Robot

Avatar III Robot

The AVATAR® III is a rugged, easy-to-use tactical robot that enhances the capabilities of law... more >>



The TASER X26P Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) uses Shaped Pulse Technology and Charge Metering... more >>

LMT Tactical Launcher

The LMT® Tactical Single Shot Launchers are a lightweight, low cost tactical single shot launcher available in 2 models: 40 mm and... more >>

Liberator II Tactical Headset

The Liberator II® is a rugged single communications tactical headset system with digital hearing protection. This tough and... more >>

Barricaded Suspect Chemical Agent Module

The Barricaded Suspect Chemical Agents Module is designed for deployment by a single grenadier during a barricaded suspect scenario.... more >>


Although compact , this kit is actually designed for the highest tactical traumas. The Tactical First Aid Kit... more >>

Viewing 1-10 of 10 result(s).